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Just a few of the other fishing sites out there.  There are often tuna on the inshore grounds for weeks during the summer, with bluefish and bass feedng on huge schools of bait in the mornings.  The flounder fishing is also excellent and you can catch 30 or 40 fish in a trip. Fishing in RI is just great and you can be a part of it.  These are just a few fishing friends.

rhode island fishing charters  Come to the ocean state and a charter of a lifetime.

Ocean City MD Fishing Charters - A great place for fisherman who want to enjoy the unique and varied fishing opportunities that Ocean City has to offer the angler.

Point Judith Fishing Charters  Fishing charters for many different species departing from the Galilee channel in Rhode Island.  We want you to catch fish, it isn't going to be a boat ride.

Rhode Island Fishing Calendar  This is great information as to what normally happens during the fish season.  Learn when different species can be targeted on your fishing trips.

Connecticut Fishing Charters  Find all the charter boats in Connecticut here.

Rhode Island Light Tackle fishing Boat  Catch big fish on the lightest rods for the ultimate sportfishing experience.

Shark Fishing Charters  Have fun targeting this big, lumbering giant.

Rhode Island Fishing Charters & Boats  Try a charter fishing boat adventure today!

Flounder Fishing Charters   Flounder are some of the most delicious fish you will ever eat in NE.

Galilee fishing charters  There are over two hundred fishing vessels located in the port of Galilee, Rhode Island.  Many of them are commercial net fishing vessels and Lobster boats, but a fair number are also charter boats.

Tuna Fishing Charters  Feel the excitement as the line goes spinning off your reel.

Tautog Fishing Charters  Fishing for Tautog, an Excellent fighting bottom fish prevalent in RI waters.

Point Judith Fishing Charters  Right across from the fishing port you can't get any closer to the best fishing in RI.

Rhode Island fishing pictures  Happy people with their newly caught fish.

Block Island Striped Bass  Fishing on the Adventure Fishing Boat.

Point Judith Fishing Charters - Galilee Fishing Charters at Jim's Dock in Jerusalem RI.

Sportfishing Testimonials  These reviews will be helpful for the research you may be doing in order to pick a fishing charter that is right for you.

Newport Fishing Charters   with On the Rocks charters for Rhode Island fly and light tackle fishing trips.

Block Island Light Tackle Fishing Guide  Fishing from New Harbor at Block Island, you can't get any closer.

Miller Time Rhode Island fishing charters  Rods bending and reels screaming with the Lunkers we have on the line, coming over the rail with a thud!  This is the awesome sportfishing you will enjoy on the Miller Time.

fishing charters in newport, ri  Newport is a sailing port in the southeastern part of Rhode Island and has a long nautical tradition.  It is also close to some great fishing in the ocean state.  If you want to fish, give us a call.

Rhode Island fishing pictures  Beautiful pictures of happy people with fish caught in the ocean state.


Craig Brewer Fishing Charters on the Brew Ha Ha